Diversity In Transport Breakfast

The Austrans Group is looking forward to attending the Diversity in Transport breakfast on the 6th March. The breakfast sees over 200 industry representatives each year, and Austrans is proud to be at this year’s QTA event.

The theme is Inspire Inclusion to celebrate a transport industry that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive.  QTA is focused on inspiring an industry where worth is measured by values and work ethic.

Experts in waste collection services, Austrans provide high-quality waste solutions across many industry sectors from energy and mining, shipping, hospitality, and construction. We are committed to ensure all our employees receive and maintain the necessary training and experience required to ensure we deliver safely with the highest standards. We provide a positive working environment, and inclusion to all is a big part of our ethos.

Our success relies on the quality, dedication, and emotional resilience of our team. Through diligent leadership, and mutual support we will create an atmosphere where employees are respected, and their contribution is appreciated and valued. Austrans strives to be recognised as an employer of choice, attracting, and retaining the highest quality of people.

The Diversity in Transport breakfast event is a great networking opportunity. The morning will feature a panel session with a diverse range of speakers, including Drew Hipwood – Manager, Corporate Affairs, IOR, and Bronwen Howell – Director, VE Group and 2023 QTA Trucking Woman of the Year.

“After 12 years of the QTA IWD Breakfast, we are moving to a new event to project the growing diversity in the transport and logistics workforce and to encourage workplaces to embrace a more contemporary mindset around how the industry is promoted and who will form the workforce of the future. We aim to move the conversation from who stereotypically fits a role in the industry, to one that focuses on the attitude, ability, skills and values that a person can bring to the workplace. We are committed to ensuring that you will be entertained with the same QTA flavour and continue to showcase people in the industry who are relatable and genuine.” QTA Website

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