Industrial Cleaning

Austrans provide industrial cleaning services using the best equipment to deliver outstanding results.

Industrial Cleaning

The Australian economy has experienced a dynamic ebb and flow throughout its history, marked by a series of transformative structural shifts. Among these, a notable transformation has been the transition from a goods-centric economy to one that places paramount importance on services.

Within the realm of services, the scope extends to encompass a diverse array of sectors, including industrial manufacturing, engineering, construction, building maintenance, and shipping. These sectors demand a multifaceted workforce of skilled experts, all of whom rely upon the indispensable support of industrial cleaning services.

And when it comes to industrial cleaning, it’s important to use the right company to get the job done correctly.



Our ability to meet or exceed expectations has created a reputation of reliability and integrity, and has carried Austrans from a small family business to a booming services provider with major clients across the continent.



We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, adapting and instating effective and transparent waste management and industrial service solutions, carried out to schedule and to cost.



We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude. It’s what’s enabled us to work with some of Australia’s biggest players, completing some of the most difficult jobs others won’t touch

What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is a crucial process that involves keeping industrial spaces clean and efficient. These spaces can range from power plants to warehouses and manufacturing units. To do this job right, special tools that use high pressure are needed. Along with these tools, experts who are well-trained in safety and efficiency are also required.

Industrial cleaning can service, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Tanks
  • Sewers
  • Drains
  • Vats

At Austrans, we are committed to providing comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, each with its unique demands. Rest assured, our specialised services are tailored to address your specific requirements, ensuring the continued efficiency and safety of your operations.

Austrans Ultra High Blasting Water Truck

Why is industrial cleaning important?

Industrial cleaning should be scheduled often. Here’s why:

  • Ensuring safety: Within the industrial sector, where hazardous substances and heavy machinery are prevalent, the need for industrial cleaning becomes evident. Upholding a paramount level of safety for both equipment and personnel in proximity is crucial. Consistent cleaning eradicates contaminants, dust, debris, and potential safety risks. The benefits of industrial cleaning extend not only to personal safety but also to environmental welfare.
  • Extending equipment lifespan: Industrial equipment bears a substantial cost, making the need for meticulous maintenance imperative. Incorporating ‘industrial cleaning’ into your agenda translates to long-term savings. The optimal operation of industrial machinery hinges on regular cleaning and upkeep. The accumulation of dirt, grease, and debris can lead to malfunctions, costly breakdowns, and production interruptions. While professional cleaning services might seem like an investment, they ultimately prove cost-effective, ensuring the continuity of your business.
  • Ensuring compliance: Australia’s industrial sector adheres to rigorous cleanliness and hygiene regulations. By committing to routine industrial cleaning, adherence to these standards is guaranteed, averting penalties. The prevention of cross-contamination remains pivotal in maintaining a clean and secure environment, prompting the enforcement of these stringent industry norms.
  • Enhancing workflow: A well-organised, clean, and secure industrial facility facilitates the seamless flow of operations. This, in turn, minimises the potential for accidents and bolsters productivity.

What types of industrial cleaning are offered?

There are various services offered in industrial cleaning, including:

  • Vacuum loading and vacuum truck services: These services use strong vacuum equipment to remove waste and dirt from industrial sites.
  • 24-hour emergency spills response: This service ensures that any accidental spills in industrial settings are quickly and effectively cleaned up. Industrial spills can be hazardous and harmful, making this cleaning service one of the most important.
  • Drainpipe CCTV: Special cameras are used to inspect drainpipes and identify any problems. This is a fantastic way to find and resolve issues that you wouldn’t be able to see just by looking at the pipes.
  • Water blasting: High-pressure water is used to clean surfaces by removing tough dirt and coatings.
  • Hydro vacuum excavation: This method combines water and a vacuum to precisely dig and remove soil and debris, commonly used for tasks like digging trenches.
  • Offshore cleaning: Industries working in offshore environments, like oil rigs, require specialised cleaning due to their unique situation.
  • Protective coatings and maintenance: Special coatings are applied to protect industrial equipment from damage, along with regular maintenance.
  • Parts washers and associated products: Special equipment like parts washers are used to clean machinery parts effectively.
  • Waste oil recovery: Proper disposal and recovery of waste oil is important for environmental reasons.
  • Liquid waste collection and recycling: Waste liquids from industrial processes are collected, treated, and recycled responsibly.
  • Sludge management and removal: Getting rid of sludge from places like treatment plants and industrial ponds is essential to keep these areas clean and functional. A build-up of sludge can cause a lot of damage to equipment and to the environment and the sooner it is treated the better.

In simple terms, industrial cleaning goes beyond basic cleaning – it involves using special techniques, tools, and skilled workers to handle the unique challenges of industrial spaces. This comprehensive approach ensures that even the most intricate and demanding cleaning tasks are tackled effectively and efficiently.

At Austrans, no job is too big or too small

Whether your cleaning needs are extensive or minor, we’ve got you covered. If you’re involved in industrial operations, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the hurdles of upholding equipment and ensuring your entire plant operates at peak efficiency. Our capabilities span from comprehensive site-wide industrial cleaning using ultra-high-pressure water blasting equipment to precise cleaning tasks like pipelines and petroleum tankers. No surface is too challenging – we’re adept at removing substances like paint, gum, tar, and oil. In fact, we’ve even tackled barnacles on boat hulls!

At Austrans, our problem-solving actions sets us apart. No matter the challenge you face, we’re equipped to find solutions that ensure the uninterrupted operation of your company. By deeply understanding your business demands and obstacles, we collaborate with you to devise customised strategies that enhance efficiency, curtail downtime, and minimise expenses. Our industrial cleaning services are instrumental in mitigating the risk of unplanned plant shutdowns and excessive labour dependency.

Make industrial cleaning part of your regular maintenance process!

Our ability to meet or exceed expectations has created a reputation of reliability and integrity and has elevated Austrans to its current position as a major service provider with clients all over Australia. To discuss how we can work together, get in touch with us today.

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