Industrial Services

No matter how big or small the job, Austrans has the experience to manage it

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If you’ve run into a problem, let the creative team at our industrial services division help you. If you are laying pipes or locating cables let us assist you with our state-of-the-art hydro-excavation technology. With our NDD (non-destructive digging) vehicles you’ll be able to safely pothole and dig trenches to lay services.

If you have gear that needs cleaning, no matter how big or small the job, we can do it. We can conduct site-wide industrial remediation with ultra-high-pressure water blasting equipment, or more targeted cleaning jobs, like piping or petroleum tankers. We can help you clean anything off any surface, even paint, gum, tar, and oil. We’ve even cleaned barnacles off the bottom of boats!

At Austrans, we pride ourselves on our problem-solving ability. Any problem you have, we can help find a solution to keep your company running. Find out how we can help you today



Our ability to meet or exceed expectations has created a reputation of reliability and integrity, and has carried Austrans from a small family business to a booming services provider with major clients across the continent.



We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, adapting and instating effective and transparent waste management and industrial service solutions, carried out to schedule and to cost



We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude. It’s what’s enabled us to work with some of Australia’s biggest players, completing some of the most difficult jobs others won’t touch

Hydro Vacuum Excavation Services

  • Non-destructive digging (NDD)
  • Potholing and trench digging
  • Other hydro-excavation services available
  • Network remediation and maintenance
  • Telecommunications services and location

Industrial / Commercial Cleaning

  • High and ultra high-pressure water blasting
  • Paint, rust, gum, scum and other surface containment removal
  • Commercial site cleaning, bust stops, car parks, roads etc
  • Industrial site remediations and spill cleaning
  • Marine cleaning, boat ramps, jetties and more
  • Petroleum and chemical tank / tanker cleaning
  • Post cleaning containment collection and removal
  • Other high pressure water blasting services

Waste Interceptor Pump

  • Interceptor pump out and cleaning
  • Jet cleaning to ensure good function
  • Safe disposal of collected waste
  • Inspection assistance and maintenance schedule creation
  • Vacuum tanker solid and liquid containment removal

Cold Cutting Service

  • Surface preparation and abrading
  • Concrete destruction and removal
  • Tank and vessel resurfacing
  • Steel, concrete, iron, fibreglass and plastic capable
  • Assisting plant maintenance, repair or removal

24/7 Emergency Spill Response

  • No spill too difficult to contain
  • Fast response times and quickly mobilised
  • Safe disposal of collected contamination
  • Specialist and experienced team
  • Ongoing containment strategies
Austrans is proud to provide safe and sustainable services to thousands of customers and communities across Australia.
Austrans follows a continuous improvement and are committed to growing value for everyone who depends upon our services.
Austrans Group own and operate over 100 purpose-built, specialised sustainable waste management service vehicles.

Lets Work Together

For more information or queries about any of our services please contact us. With offices throughout Australia, one of our expert team will get in touch with you shortly.