Austrans has extensive experience in assessing waste management requirements and designing, implementing and operating the most safe, efficient and cost-effective waste disposal and recycling solutions for its customers.

Austrans works in partnership with all of its clients to provide innovative, customised total waste management solutions that meet the customers objectives. The Austrans team maintain a high standard of operational safety, to protect our employees, customers and the general public. The Industrial Services Division works in conjunction with the waste management activities of Austrans by providing specialised equipment and services to industry such as:

  • Vacuum loading
  • Tank cleaning
  • Ultra high and high pressure cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Sludge removal
  • Hydro excavation
  • Shutdown services
  • Marine services
  • Emergency spill response
  • Confined space entry.


Austrans works closely with clients to manage each project effectively to ensure the correct tank cleaning solution is carried out. Services include mechanical, manual and robotic technologies as well as advanced resuspension equipment with hydrocarbon recovery, circulation cleaning and chemical thermal cleaning systems all carried our with meticulous adherence to confined space entry regulations.


Our ultra high and high pressure cleaning services range from conventional manual lancing through to advanced remote, automated and semi-automated systems. We can also provide hydro demolition and cold cutting for hazardous low flashpoint conditions.


We operate one of the most versatile materials handling fleets in Australia, significantly improving our waste transfer capabilities on and off site. Our equipment includes vacuum and high performance liquid ring tankers, high airflow and high vacuumation machinery allowing us to manage anything from dust and powders to rubble and sludges. Solids and liquids of varying densities and viscosities can be transferred from all kinds of vessels and plant, rapidly, safely and cost effectively adding real value to your operation.


Even when all possible precautions are taken, unexpected events can result in an emergency situation, requiring a rapid response in order to minimise damage. Austrans provides a specialised emergency spill response service that can assist with these unexpected events.


Our service delivery is designed to minimise risk to our staff, your staff, the public and the environment.

Effective training is critical to our activities, and we make it a priority to ensure our employees adhere to the latest legislation and codes of practice through high standards of education and supervision.

Our services also include evaluation and management of our clients’ environmental liabilities through a series of assessment and control systems, maintaining consistent certification and auditing to provide the highest standards of health, safety and environmental practice.


24/7 Emergency Response (07) 3281 7200