CCTV Monitoring

Comprehensive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipe inspection and monitoring.

We Can See It

Our advanced pipe and conduit inspection delivers practical outcomes to help customers assess the structural condition and serviceability of pipes or conduits simply and effectively.

Austrans group offers a full and comprehensive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipe inspection and monitoring service for the review and administration of wastewater systems. With a broad range of cameras, we can survey pipes from 40mm up to 3m.

Our detailed WinCan report documents all defects, intrusions, joints, junctions and connections and maps out points of interest in an easy-to-read format, documenting chainages and delivering high-quality photos, video and reports.

Recorded footage and reports are provided to you to enable performance monitoring of pipes and the development of cost-saving plans to maximise the life of these expensive assets.


Pinpoint Tracing

Our pipe camera service allows us to trace and pinpoint locations for survey references and examine the structural integrity of drainage assets.



Austrans group’s CCTV pipe inspection contractors can identify defects, debris, pollutants as well as threats to drain function before carrying out preventive measures.



Austrans group packages a number of high technology solutions for sewerage maintenance, including the combination of CCTV unit and Combination recycler Jetting Units for any necessary cleaning outcomes

The Benefits of Austrans’ CCTV Pipe Inspection Services

Our drain and sewer cam service management and operators are highly experienced and qualified with over 30 years of experience:

  • Identifying blockages to mine site processes
  • Providing a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of underground sewerage or stormwater drainage systems
  • Helping plan pipe cleaning schedules and future maintenance work
  • Identifying blockages to wash bay piping
  • Identifying blockages to stormwater drains
  • Assessing general condition and suitability of existing systems
  • Identifying blockages to sumps
  • Identifying blockages to oil separating pipes
Austrans CCTV Pipe Monitoring System

Key Customers

Our key customers include utilities and water authorities through to Governments and Local councils along with construction sites to name a few.

Maximised Resource Recovery

We make sure that your waste is cost effectively collected, disposed of, recovered and recycled wherever possible.

Why Choose Austrans

Specialist fleet and experienced experts. Our services are delivered by highly experienced expert personnel and supported by a state-of-the-art fleet.

No Job too Big or Small

We understand your requirements and work together with you to develop tailored solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce downtime and costs.

Austrans group can also schedule regular inspections and drain cleaning to keep things flowing smoothly.

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