Waste Management

Austrans provide world class waste management solutions you can trust

We Can Handle It

It doesn’t matter what you need to be removed or how much of it you have, we’ll provide you with a world-class waste management solution you can trust, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

In that time we’ve helped people and organisations across Queensland manage almost every form of waste imaginable; from standard septic tanks and grease traps to the bulk transport of dangerous goods liquids, asbestos, animal effluents, industrial by-products, and construction waste.

Downtime is costly. That’s why we not only transport waste products, we’re also able to help you institute waste management protocols designed to keep your company humming smoothly. If you need help dealing with waste, no matter the type or size, let us help you.


Affluent Waste

Austrans effective transport and disposal of brine water and other hide related waste streams keep your operating costs at a minimum. The fleet of trucks operate 24 hours and can process small or large volumes of waste


Pond Cleaning

With a great deal of experience in pond cleaning, Austrans stands apart from its competitors with its ability to remove large volumes of pond material using both waste and earthmoving equipment. Specialised waste licenses mean that Austrans can dispose of contaminated material legally and within all statutory environmental guidelines.


Waste Transport

Removal of spoilt silage, boiler ash or other related sold wastes is something Austrans has the right equipment on hand to do efficiently. Austrans large fleet of specialised waste vehicles transport paunch, sludge, DAFF, fly ash and waste water. Large volumes can be bulked out quickly with B double vacuum tankers.

Liquid Waste Services

  • Dangerous liquids pumping and transport
  • Bulk agricultural and animal effluents
  • High volume septic tanks and grease traps
  • Drums, IBCs barrels and all containerised liquid waste
  • Sewage and untreated water and wastewater
  • Tailored solutions for ongoing liquid waste management

Industrial Waste Services

  • High volume industrial by-products
  • Tank and tanker pumping and cleaning
  • Specialist dry and liquid pumping capabilities
  • Dangerous goods listed liquid disposal
  • Bulk disposal of contaminated fluids
  • Sustainable and tailored waste disposal solutions

Solid Waste Services

  • Stone, soil and earth collection and disposal
  • Solid industrial and construction waste
  • Removal and safe disposal of asbestos
  • Green and organic waste disposal
  • Hook bin hire for onsite collection
  • Tailored solutions for ongoing solid waste management

Packaged Waste Services

  • All palletised or pallet bound waste
  • Paint tins, aerosols, solvents and other waste chemicals
  • No amount too big or small
  • Containers, drums IBCs and more
  • Specialist onsite collection capabilities

Hazardous Substance Services

  • Contaminated water, soil and industrial by-products
  • Aerosols, asbestos, oxidants, acids, alkaline and any other DG liquids
  • Austrans 24/7 spill response available
  • Specialist, tailored on-site DG waste management solutions available

Commercial Waste Services

  • All commercial waste streams (batteries, paints, solvents, etc)
  • Septic tank pumping and cleaning
  • Grease trap pumping and cleaning
  • Greywater tank pumping and cleaning
  • Waste treatment system maintenance
Austrans is proud to provide safe and sustainable services to thousands of customers and communities across Australia.
Austrans follows a continuous improvement and are committed to growing value for everyone who depends upon our services.
Austrans Group own and operate over 100 purpose-built, specialised sustainable waste management service vehicles.

Lets Work Together

For more information or queries about any of our services please contact us. With offices throughout Australia, one of our expert team will get in touch with you shortly.