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Specialist fleet of Austrans recycler trucks now in operation around Australia

Austrans Recyclers

The use of large volumes of potable drinking water to clean and de-silt wastewater pipes is becoming an increasingly sensitive environmental issue for Water Authorities. Austrans’s Recycler combination cleaning units (Recyclers) draw wastewater from inside the pipe, recycle it, and then use it to clean the pipeline.

Austrans now has new Recycler models in operation which are capable of; cleaning pipes up to 300DN with large volumes of silt and debris. Each Recycler is equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump which draws existing water from inside the pipe. The water is then continuously recycled through five different tanks on board the structure.

Any debris and silt is collected in a separate silt tank. An onboard pump is then used to return the recycled water back into the pipe at high pressure for cleaning. The combination of high jetting pressure and flow capacity allow pipelines of the largest diameter to be cleaned fast and efficiently. The entire process is quick and extracted silt is collected inside onboard storage tanks.


High Performance

High performance vacuum pumps which are used to extract the silt from the pipeline.


Onboard Storage

On-board silt storage tanks which means more time can be spent on silt extraction and less time spent in carting the spoil away.



The processed silt can be emptied straight into an appropriate waste bin on site so the unit does not have to leave site to empty its silt tank.

Minimal Water Usage

A conventional jetting operation can use up to 20,000 litres of potable water per day to clean sewer pipes. Using a valuable resource in this way seems somewhat wasteful. Austrans Recyclers can clean sewer pipelines without using potable water.

The water saved using a Recycler can be as much as 10 mega litres per annum. This quantity of water is significant and equates to the average water consumption of 50 households.

This environmental benefit can be especially significant in remote locations and areas where the supply of potable water is limited. Powerful Cleaning of Large Diameter Pipes Austrans Units are fitted with high-performance pumps which can produce jetting pressures of up to 4000psi and a flow rate of over 800 litres per minute.

This cleaning power means very large diameter pipes and culverts can be cleaned where smaller jetter units would otherwise be slower or ineffective.

Rapid Silt Removal

Austrans Recycler trucks are also mobile continuous de-silting plants making them suitable for extracting large volumes of silt from a single location.

In de-silting contracts where rates are based on tonnage of silt removed from the pipeline the dryness of the silt extracted is of importance to most Authorities.

Austrans recyclers extract silt at “spade dry” quality which ensures you get the best value for money.


Each Recycler is equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump which draws existing water from inside the pipe


Using Recyclers ensures minimal community disruption. The cleaning and silt extraction process is fast which means less time on site and less disruption to local traffic. There is no need to transport potable water to site or connect hoses to hydrants so there is less disruption to local residents. The pipeline can often be cleaned from a single access chamber so there are fewer site setups required. The units are sealed so there are minimal odours emitted at the worksite


Austrans Recyclers make the cleaning process more efficient and by using water from inside the sewer there is no consumption of potable water. After cleaning the pipe walls are clear and smooth and the hydraulic capacity of the pipe is restored


Austrans strongly encourages safe work practices and protecting the safety of the community and our workers is a priority. Our Recyclers reflect this. Silt and solids are removed by vacuum and collected inside fully enclosed and sealed tanks while the pipe is being cleaned so there is no need for manual handling of waste material or workers to enter the pipeline. The Recyclers are fully automated meaning that our operators can control the operation by the press of button from a control panel. There is less need for manual handling of heavy hoses and vacuum lines

Each Recycler is equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump which draws existing water from inside the pipe

Community Friendly

More Efficient

Jetting Pressure

Flow Rate

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