High Pressure Water Blasting

Austrans provide high pressure water blasting services using the best equipment to deliver outstanding results.

High Pressure Water Blasting

Working in the industrial services industry is far from gentle. It entails engaging in heavy-handed labour, leading to the inevitable accumulation of corrosion, dirt, and contamination.

To ensure a safe environment, regular maintenance is indispensable in industrial plants. When it comes to tackling buildup, high pressure water blasting stands out as the optimal solution.

At Austrans, our high pressure water blasting service embodies efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness.



Our ability to meet or exceed expectations has created a reputation of reliability and integrity, and has carried Austrans from a small family business to a booming services provider with major clients across the continent.



We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, adapting and instating effective and transparent waste management and industrial service solutions, carried out to schedule and to cost.



We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude. It’s what’s enabled us to work with some of Australia’s biggest players, completing some of the most difficult jobs others won’t touch

What is High Pressure Water Blasting?

High pressure water blasting serves as an effective cleaning technique employed to eliminate the accumulation of dirt, scale, and contaminants on various surfaces.

When you consider the rigorous nature of daily industrial work, it is not surprising that such buildup occurs easily. This advanced method of high-pressure cleaning surpasses traditional approaches in terms of speed and efficiency.

Its versatile applications encompass surface preparation, cleaning, pipe and tank maintenance, removal of scale, paint, or dust, and even pathways and roads. The versatility of high pressure water blasting contributes to its popularity in Brisbane and beyond.

How does it work?

A specialised nozzle directs a highly pressurised stream of water to the targeted area. The jetting equipment’s pumps draw water from a reservoir, which is then pressurised and forcefully released. With water pressure reaching up to 36,000 psi / 2,482 bar and customisable levels of abrasiveness, this technique provides the necessary force for any task at hand. The combination of the nozzle and high pressure allows access to challenging and inaccessible areas.

Our team of professionals in high pressure water blasting extends their services to a diverse range of locations, including sewerage systems, drains, tanks, marine vessels, bridges, buildings, manufacturing plant facilities, and other amenities.

Austrans Ultra High Blasting Water Truck

Why Use Water Over Dry Blasting?

  • Environmentally friendly: Our high pressure water blasting services in Brisbane offer an environmentally conscious approach to ensure safety and cleanliness in industrial areas. Unlike dry blasting methods that employ materials like coal slag, smelter slag, and sand, which can be detrimental to the environment, our water blasting technique minimises environmental impact. Coal and smelter slags can release hazardous pollutants into the air, while sand rapidly turns into dust. In contrast, high pressure water blasting involves no additives or abrasives, resulting in negligible environmental impact. By using only water and pressure, our method not only cleans the surface area effectively but also ensures the preservation of equipment. 
  • Lower costs and increased productivity: Our water blasting equipment relies solely on pure water for the cleaning process, reducing overall costs. Moreover, since water is the primary component, other concurrent projects can proceed simultaneously, thereby minimising the overall project duration.

Some of the HP and UHP Equipment We Use

We possess a wide range of equipment suitable for any job, regardless of its scale. Our expertise extends to working in various environments, including open areas, confined spaces, and special entries. In addition, we assign dedicated project managers to oversee every task we undertake. This means that whenever you engage our services, you not only benefit from excellent equipment and solutions but also have the assurance of having a skilled professional on-site to ensure a seamless execution of the job.

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting services: Ranging from 20,000 to 35,000 PSI, accompanied by water blasting capabilities of up to 57 litres per minute. Our expertise in this area makes us the perfect choice for a variety of tasks, including surface preparation, scale removal, and concrete demolition. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including shutdown services, tank cleaning, and internal pipe cleaning. 

Twin and Triple High Pressure Pump Trailers: Designed to deliver outstanding performance in various applications. With a water blasting capacity of 17,000 PSI and up to 114 litres per minute, these trailers provide formidable power for a wide range of tasks. We excel in specialised internal tank cleaning and internal pipe cleaning services, offering efficient solutions for even the most challenging cleaning requirements. The triple pump option offers an impressive 170 litres per minute at 17,000 PSI, ensuring enhanced productivity. Additionally, our flexible lance cleaning further adds to the versatility of these trailers, making them an ideal choice for meeting your high-pressure water blasting needs with precision and effectiveness.

Hot Wash Water Blaster: Designed to tackle tough cleaning tasks with ease. With an impressive 5000 PSI high-pressure water capability, it excels at removing challenging substances, including stubborn bitumen. Its hot water feature reaches temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, ensuring effective and thorough cleaning. Notably, this versatile blaster is also equipped for drain cleaning, effectively handling pipes up to 100 mm in diameter.

With our advanced equipment and experienced team, we are well-equipped to handle even the most demanding jobs, ensuring efficient and effective results every time.

Say hello to the Hammelmann 700

Let’s talk about equipment!  Because at Austrans, we love our Hammelmann 700 horsepower high pressure water blaster.

  • The use of high-pressure water jets has brought about a revolution in a wide array of industrial and construction applications. From hydro demolition to tank cleaning and surface preparation, these machines offer precise and efficient solutions for various challenges, and the Hammelmann water blaster excels in all these areas.
  • Hydro demolition entails a safe and efficient method that employs high-pressure water jets to remove or demolish concrete while preserving steel substructures and critical components of buildings or machinery. This controlled process ensures precise cutting and concrete removal.
  • Tank cleaning units are adept at eliminating deposits and incrustations from both the inner and outer walls of tanks and tank installations. Operating solely on the force of the water jet, these units prove highly effective in cleaning applications.
  • Surface preparation is a crucial step before undertaking repair and restoration works. High pressure water jets offer an effective and efficient means of quickly removing dirt, grime, and other debris from the surfaces of walls, floors, and structures. This preparatory step ensures the longevity of subsequent repairs or restorations.

The Hammelmann high pressure water blaster has been a game-changer for Austrans, enabling us to tackle larger-scale projects and site shutdowns. It has also allowed us to meet the growing demand from our esteemed clients while delivering efficient and effective solutions.

With this cutting-edge equipment, Austrans solidifies its position as a leading provider of sustainable liquid waste management solutions, industrial waste services, and project management throughout Australia.

Meet The Experts On High Pressure Water Blasting

Established in 1999, the Austrans Group is proudly Australian-owned and operated, and is now recognised as an industry leader in waste management, industrial services, project management, and high-pressure water blasting all over South East Queensland.

From public infrastructure to assisting in massive environmental rehabilitation and providing complete disaster recovery support, Austrans have done it all, and have the expertise to get the job done. While the quality of our end-to-end services has cemented our hard-earned reputation, we take great pride in our high pressure water blasting projects in Brisbane.

Choose Austrans for sustainable industrial waste services, powered by our advanced Hammelmann water blaster and a commitment to environmental preservation.

Our ability to meet or exceed expectations has created a reputation of reliability and integrity and has elevated Austrans to its current position as a major service provider with clients all over Australia. To discuss how we can work together, get in touch with us today.

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