Case Study – Emergency Response At Major Food Production Facility

On the evening of Thursday, March 14th, at 11 pm, Austrans was alerted via their emergency response line by a major food production facility situated in Brisbane. This facility stands as a cornerstone of the city’s food production infrastructure and found itself in a state of urgent distress. The issue at hand revolved around severely backed-up drains, resulting in flooding across their premises. This not only jeopardised the continuity of their production line but also posed a significant threat of revenue loss. With operations at a standstill, the situation demanded immediate attention to mitigate the impending consequences.

Austrans immediately sprang into action. Calls were made and mobilised vehicles and heavy vac trucks were dispatched to deal with the sludge. Such quick action meant that the immediate issue was resolved. However, soon after, a larger issue with the drainage system on the premises was discovered that was going to impact production.

Austrans swiftly brought in extra vacuum tanks and trucks to assist the company in keeping its production line running smoothly while plumbers worked on-site to fix the blockage. By ensuring their vehicles remained active, Austrans supported uninterrupted production. The importance of this effort lies in preventing any disruption that could have left the company unable to deliver its products to stores, impacting both the supply chain and customers.

Austrans had to be quick.

This task demanded not only speed but also the cohesive collaboration of the entire team, spanning from customer service operations to the driving staff. It brought together a diverse fleet encompassing multiple vehicles, including vacuum tankers, semi-trailer tankers, and heavy vacuum tankers. The key to success lies not just in the array of vehicles but also in the extensive communication between staff members, ensuring seamless coordination and efficiency throughout the operation.

The Austrans team’s exceptional efforts ensured the prompt resolution of the emergency, enabling uninterrupted food production to resume swiftly. In line with Austrans’ dedication to fatigue management, we recognise the toll that late-night calls like these can take on our staff. Therefore, we prioritise ensuring that our team members receive adequate rest the following day. By prioritising the well-being and restfulness of our staff, we empower them to approach their work with the energy and precision required to tackle challenges effectively and maintain the highest standards of performance. This commitment not only supports the health and safety of our team but also enhances overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Austrans is committed to our customers 24/7. Your emergency is our emergency.

Austrans does it best

With safety and efficiency at the forefront of our services, Austrans offers hydroblasting for concrete removal. Established in 1999, the Austrans Group is proudly Australian-owned and operated, and is now recognised as an industry leader in waste management, industrial services, project management, and high-pressure water blasting all over South East Queensland.

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