Equipment Feature – 700HP Hammelmann High Pressure Water Blaster

At Austrans, we take pride in tackling tasks of any size. We have earned a reputation as the leading player in the industry, offering sustainable liquid waste management solutions, industrial waste services, and project management throughout Australia. So when we invest in new equipment, we only want the best.

We are excited to introduce the Hammelmann 700 horsepower high pressure water blaster

The use of high-pressure water jets has revolutionised a wide range of industrial and construction applications. From hydro demolition to tank cleaning and surface preparation, these machines offer precise and efficient solutions for a variety of challenges. The Hammelmann water blaster can help with all of these.

Hydro demolition – a safe and efficient method that involves using high-pressure water jets to remove or demolish concrete without damaging steel substructures or other critical components of buildings or machinery. This controlled process ensures the precise cutting and removal of concrete.

Tank cleaning – tank cleaning units are capable of removing deposits and incrustations from both the inner and outer walls of tanks and tank installations. These units operate solely through the force of the water jet, making them highly effective in cleaning applications.

Surface preparation – Before undertaking any repair and restoration works, the surface area needs to be cleaned and prepared. High pressure water jets are an effective and efficient way to achieve this, as they can quickly and easily remove dirt, grime, and other debris from the surface of walls, floors, and other structures. Doing this also helps to ensure the longevity of the repair or restoration.

As the demand for water blasting services has increased, we recognised the need for reliable and efficient equipment to keep up with the demand. The introduction of the Hammelmann water blaster will allow us to increase productivity on projects and minimise downtime for our clients. This versatile pump has multiple settings, making it suitable for various applications, effectively doing the work of three different pumps. By adding this equipment to our fleet, we can now service more clients and be more flexible in meeting their needs.

The Hammelmann high pressure water blaster is a game-changer for Austrans, enabling us to take on larger scale projects and site shutdowns. Moreover, it has allowed us to cater to the increasing demand from our existing clients while providing efficient and effective solutions. 

With this state-of-the-art equipment, Austrans has solidified its position as a leading provider of sustainable liquid waste management solutions, industrial waste services, and project management across Australia.

Hammelmann offers pressure pumps and accessories that are all cutting edge and top-of-the-range. With their shared commitment to excellence and innovation, the partnership between Hammelmann and Austrans was a natural fit.

The Hammelmann 700 horsepower high pressure water blaster is a welcome addition to the Austrans team.

Meet The Experts In Hydro Demolition Services

Established in 1999, the Austrans Group is proudly Australian owned and operated, and is now recognised as an industry leader in hazardous waste management, industrial services, project management all over South East Queensland.

From public infrastructure to assisting in massive environmental rehabilitation and providing complete disaster recovery support, Austrans have done it all, and have the expertise to get the job done.

At every stage of business we have made our passion for sustainability a key focus. If you want to collaborate with a team that values the importance of sustainability and deeply cares about the environment and community, get in touch with us today and we can work towards building a rewarding partnership.

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