Why Now Is The Time To Prepare For Your Shutdown

Move over football season, it’s shutdown season! Just because you’re not working doesn’t mean you can’t get things done. Site shutdowns are crucial for keeping businesses running smoothly by maintaining equipment. These shutdowns usually happen once a year, and the end of the year is the best time to plan them. This is when things slow down, you might have less staff, or even close the company temporarily. The ideal time for a shutdown is between November and February, so the rest of the year can proceed with everything working well and properly maintained.

Planning is key to making a shutdown successful, just like any other project. How well you prepare directly affects how smoothly and quickly the shutdown goes, allowing the site to get back to normal business sooner.

In the preparation phase, it’s important to set goals, and deadlines, and give tasks to people and teams. Making this process as efficient as possible helps reduce production delays, labour costs, and overall expenses.

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The Austrans Group boasts extensive experience in managing site shutdowns. Our track record includes a variety of shutdown projects in different industries:

In the mining sector, we have successfully executed High-Pressure Blasting operations on conveyors and screens within processing plants. Additionally, we excel in HP Cleaning of heavy equipment like draglines, excavators, and front-end Loaders, contributing to the efficient maintenance of mining operations.

For manufacturing businesses, we offer a range of services, including thorough machinery cleaning and the annual clean-out of pits and waste slurries. Our expertise extends to tasks that can only be performed when production is offline, ensuring minimal disruption to manufacturing processes.

In the food processing industry, we specialise in the removal of waste buildup, such as feathers and skins, helping maintain sanitary and safe processing environments.

Regardless of the industry, the Austrans Group provides essential cleaning services for walkways, staircases, driveways, and other crucial areas within businesses.

Our capabilities also extend to the maintenance of drainage systems, including cleaning drains, gullies, silt traps, and gross pollutant traps for various businesses.

Lastly, we offer concrete cutting and general demolition services, making us a versatile partner for a wide range of business needs and challenges.

Some of our clients are repeat clients and we do shutdown works for them each year to make sure they are ready for the upcoming year. For each job, we submit before and after photos to show the completed inspections, cleaning, and maintenance.

Why is a site shutdown so important?

  • Reduced maintenance costs: Site shutdowns lead to decreased repair and maintenance expenses, as equipment gets the necessary care and attention, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs.
  • Increased payloads: Optimal equipment performance during shutdowns can result in increased payloads, enhancing productivity and profitability.
  • Safer operating conditions: Shutdowns allow for essential safety checks and repairs, ensuring safer operating conditions for both equipment operators and the overall workplace.
  • Extended equipment life: Proper maintenance during shutdowns extends the useful life of equipment, postponing the need for expensive replacements.
  • Enhanced workplace aesthetics: Equipment that is well-maintained during shutdowns contributes to a more attractive and organised workplace.
  • Improved asset resale value: Well-maintained equipment commands higher resale values, making site shutdowns an investment in long-term asset value.
  • Higher production rates: Efficiently maintained equipment translates into higher production rates, boosting overall operational efficiency.
  • Increased visibility and safety: Properly maintained equipment is more visible, reducing the chances of accidents and near misses, further enhancing workplace safety. Shutdowns also enable the identification and mitigation of slip hazards, minimising the risk of accidents in the workplace.

At the end of the year, most people are shutting down or slowing down, which is the perfect time to book your maintenance. Austrans has the resources available to get the work done, no matter what you need during the site shutdown.

Book now and get in early before we’re fully booked!

At Austrans, a proudly Australian-owned and operated company, no task is too big or too small. We are renowned as the top player in the industry for providing sustainable liquid waste management solutions, industrial waste services, and project management across Australia. Should you encounter any issues, our industrial services team is on standby to lend a hand. When you’re part of the thriving industrial services sector in Australia, it’s always nice to know you’ve got Austrans on your side.

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