Why Industrial Services Is A Growing Industry In Queensland

The economy of Australia has ebbed and flowed over the years, but over time it has undergone some significant structural changes. One substantial change has been the rise and increased importance of the service sector in the Australian economy. 

Industrial Services: A Growing Industry in Queensland

Industrial services cater to the needs of manufacturing and industrial sectors. These industries require a variety of professional services to comply with regulations, and have access to state of the art equipment and expertise to remain competitive in the market. 

Some of these services are:

Hydro excavation service – Also known as vacuum excavation or non-destructive drilling, is the process of removing soil and debris using an industrial vacuum and highly pressured water to excavate underground services. 

Waste interceptor – Are large underground tanks that are fitted onto a drainage system and allow residue build-up to sink to the bottom. They are designed to screen waste which could contaminate the environment. 

Industrial/commercial cleaning – High pressure cleaning is widely used and needed in a variety of locations, some of which include buildings, manufacturing facilities, tanks, sewerage, drains, etc. This type of high pressure cleaning is important in dirt and scale removal and is used regularly.

Dedicated professionals and technological innovations in the industry help protect the environment, and help their clients get the job done efficiently. For instance, the hydro excavation technology is a faster method for digging up soil, saving time and money. It is also safer, environmentally friendly and reduces liability with advanced locating capability. 

As we look forward, there are major infrastructure projects in the pipeline, the 2032 Olympics and the population in Queensland is expected to grow by more than 16 percent over the next decade. 

  • The population for Queensland is projected to reach 6.16 million by 2032-33, according to the Australian Government’s Centre for Population.
  • $71 billion worth of rail, road, energy and water projects are expected to happen in Queensland over the next five years, according to the latest Queensland Major Projects Pipeline report.
  • With Brisbane being confirmed as the host of the 2032 Summer Olympics, there will be a big focus on new infrastructure and construction. The works are due to start in 2027.
  • A rise in developmental activities and growing population also means an increase of household and industrial waste.  
  • Environmental regulations also require a license for handling and disposing regulated waste. 

Considering these trends, it will be a busy decade for the construction industry and the associated manufacturing and industrial sectors. 

Therefore, we see a high demand for industrial services such as hydro-excavation, waste management, industrial cleaning and emergency spill response.  As industrial demand grows, so does the need for professionals in this field. The Industrial services sector is a growing industry in Australia and offers a bright prospect as a career option.

Take The Next Step In Your Career With Austrans

Established in 1999, the Austrans Group is proudly Australian owned and operated, and is now recognised as an industry leader in hazardous waste management, industrial services, project management all over South East Queensland. 

From public infrastructure to assisting in massive environmental rehabilitation and providing complete disaster recovery support, Austrans have done it all, and have the expertise to get the job done. 

As our business continues to grow, we have a number of new vacancies for people who can help us to deliver our superior service-based approach. With a handful of benefits including a positive working environment, weekly pay, flexible conditions and optional overtime at penalty rates, check out our Careers page to see what working at the Austrans Group is all about. 

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