Austrans Case Study – MSC Australia

On October 17th, Austrans received a call from MSC Australia about a major fuel oil spill in some of their cargo holds on the MSC Langsar. The situation was urgent as the immobile ship incurred substantial financial losses with each passing hour it remained in dock, not to mention the safety issues associated with an oil spill. The team at MSC Australia knew they had to act quickly and they relayed this message to The Austrans Group.

Austrans didn’t hesitate in their response. They sent a crew out that same night, who arrived with two hot water blasters, a heavy vac, and semi-vac tanker, to get started. On arrival the team saw that the oil spill went all along the walls and deck of the cargo holds and that it needed around the clock work to get it sorted. Working 24 hours, they worked non-stop to make sure MSC Langsar was left in perfect condition so that the shipping container vessel could be released from the shores.

This job demanded quick action, and the team at Austrans were able to mobilise and respond within a short window, ultimately saving the client a lot of money and future hassles. The oil spill had contaminated a large area, and while it took a lot of different products and equipment to get it off, it was done with a matter of urgency in mind through the entire team. In the end, the client was immensely satisfied with the result.

“Regarding the work carried out with the recent oil spill on the MSC Langsar.  This was a short notice request, and it also became apparent that the contamination was far greater than originally reported. The results of the clean are very impressive and satisfied the local AMSA office action plan. MSC Australia is very thankful for the speed and professionalism demonstrated by Jason, Damien and the clean-up teams, there were regular photographic updates and calls that were shared with our Head Office in Geneva that were monitoring the situation with a keen interest. In the event of having any similar issues in the future, MSC would not hesitate in contacting Austrans to assist. On behalf of MSC Operation team, we thank you.” – Ms. Emily Johnson, MSC BNE Operations.

Sustainable Liquid Waste Management Solutions

The Austrans Group is dedicated to safety, which is what makes us the trusted partner for so many shipping agencies. We respond quickly, keep safety at the forefront, and work tirelessly to get the job done. Proudly Australian owned and operated, Austrans is an industry leader in sustainable liquid waste management solutions, industrial waste services, and project management Australia wide.

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