How Is Concrete Recycled

Although not many people would immediately think of concrete as a common recyclable material, the reality is that concrete is one of the most recyclable and reusable materials there is, and there are many benefits that will come with recycling and reusing it.

What Is The Method For Recycling Concrete

The main way that concrete is recycled is by using large industrial crushing equipment that usually will have jaws and large impactors. Once this equipment is used to crush up the concrete, it is often sent through another impactor where smaller bits of dirt and other particles can be removed, and the remaining concrete can be separated according to their size. If you still want to remove certain materials from the concrete you can also follow additional processes which include separations, magnets, and water flotation materials. These methods are also quite different to the methods used for concrete demolition.

The Benefits Of Recycling And Reusing Concrete

There are many benefits included if you choose to reuse and recycle concrete.

Transport – A lot of concrete recycling and reusing can be achieved on the job site. This means that when you are recycling or reusing concrete you will save the transport costs for either getting new concrete or taking yours to the tip.

Reuse – By reusing concrete you are ensuring that there are some materials that do not need to go into landfill. By reusing concrete, you are also having a direct impact on lowering the number of raw materials being dug up for concrete.

Cheap To Reuse – Another great benefit to reusing concrete is that you will be saving a considerable amount of money. Concrete is not cheap, and buying recycled concrete, or reusing concrete on a job site will be a fraction of the cost, compared to buying new concrete.

Landfill Costs Are Expensive – Another way that you will save money by recycling and reusing concrete is by not needing to spend large sums of money on the dumping fees at landfills. The fees that you will have to pay to dump concrete are quite large.

Emission reduction – You will be lowering your emission by a significant amount if you reuse and recycle concrete. Both by not being involved in digging up raw materials with machines that have high emissions, and by saving on transport emissions.

Sustainability – Recycling and reusing are also great for sustainability. The more that can be avoided going into landfill, the more sustainable life on our planet is going to be. Sustainable practice should be incorporated into your business processes whenever and wherever possible.


Concrete is one of the most readily reusable and recyclable materials in the construction business. Considering all of the benefits involved with reusing and recycling this material, we think that you should be looking into it if you have not already. It can put you on your path to being a hazardous waste management master.

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