Austrans Expands Its Service Offering In Townsville

Austrans Expands Its Service Offering In Townsville

The Austrans Group is proud to announce that they have expanded into Townsville, allowing them to better serve their North and Central Queensland clients while creating employment opportunities in the region.  

An industry leader in sustainable liquid waste management solutions and industrial services, Austrans works closely with their clients to understand their specific needs allowing them to provide tailored solutions and achieve quality outcomes. 

The Austrans mission, and one of the key driving factors that has led to their success, is their passion to leave each of their sites in a better condition than how it was when they first arrived.

With over 40 years of experience in environmental chemistry, civil construction waste, and industrial waste management solutions, Austrans are looking forward to growing their network across the beautiful tropics of Far North Queensland. 

General Manager of The Austrans Group, Peter McClennan, says he is thrilled that Austrans is now able to extend their services in the region.

”Liquid waste management is such an important part of our society,” he said. “We love the communities and areas that we service, so for us, it’s really important we can guarantee a safe disposal of waste and preserve the natural beauty of all the sites we visit.”

The opportunity for Austrans to expand into Townsville has come off the back of a partnership with Energy Queensland to provide specialised liquid waste management and oil removal services across the Sunshine State. The Townsville base will house a fleet of industrial vacuum trucks, drain cleaning trucks, high-pressure water blasters (HPWB), and CCTV. 

Townsville proved to be the perfect location allowing them to better support Central, North, and West Queensland. Their new site is based in Bohle, which is a popular industrial precinct just north of the Townsville CBD. 

Austrans Group has plans to cement themselves as a key player in the waste management and industrial cleaning services in the region, servicing as far as Cairns, out to Mount Isa as well as Mackay, and Rockhampton.

This is also a great chance for locals in the region looking for a new and exciting career. The Austrans Groups is looking for drivers and labourers to join their new Far North Queensland Team. 

Established in 1999, the Austrans Group is proudly Australian owned and operated, and is now recognised as an industry leader in hazardous waste management, industrial services, and project management. 

From public infrastructure to assisting in massive environmental rehabilitation and providing complete disaster recovery support, Austrans have done it all, and have the expertise to get the job done.

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