At Austrans, there’s no job too big or too small, and we’re always happy to find a solution to all your waste problems. This year was a big one, and we’re excited to share a few of our achievements as well as our top three most unusual jobs we completed.

Top three unusual jobs of 2023

The Helicopter Crash

We received an unconventional call when a helicopter crashed into a pond on a property in regional Queensland. We were quick on the site and tasked to get all the aviation fuel and contamination out of the pond. We used vacuum tankers to isolate the aviation fuel and we were then able to get the helicopter out of the pond safely. The aviation fuel was then disposed of at a licensed Department of Environmental Services facility.

The Oil Spill

Austrans received a call from MSC Australia about a major fuel oil spill in some of their cargo holds on the MSC Langsar. The situation was urgent as the immobile ship incurred substantial financial losses with each passing hour it remained in dock, not to mention the safety issues associated with an oil spill. We sent a crew out that same night, who arrived with two hot water blasters, a heavy vac, and semi-vac tanker, to get started. On arrival the team saw that the oil spill went all along the walls and deck of the cargo holds and that it needed around the clock work to get it sorted. Working 24 hours, they worked non-stop to make sure MSC Langsar was left in perfect condition so that the shipping container vessel could be released from the shores.

The Glycol Job

A major hospital in Brisbane asked us to decommission glycol tanks within its premises. To ensure minimal disruption, we created a traffic management plan and carefully cleared the area of glycol without disturbing anyone inside. The task involved decommissioning 27 silos within the hospital building, requiring the use of specialised equipment for both safety and efficiency.

In 2023, we also…

  • Expanded our operational presence in Northern Queensland. We added more staff, and more vehicles, and we are looking forward to even more growth in the upcoming year.
  • Grew our customer base in South Queensland, especially through the growing industrial services sector.
  • Increased our presence in the bituminous product industry, and are proud to say we are now experts in the bitumen tank and tanker cleaning space.
  • Secured a dangerous goods vacuum which we will be adding to our fleet next year.
  • Grown our team and enhanced our management skills set.

In 2024 we look forward to even more unusual jobs, continuing to service our regular clients, meeting new people, taking on more work, and growing our team further.

We thank you all for your continued support!

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