Austrans North Queensland Evolution

Since its expansion into the region in 2022, Austrans has been a steadfast presence in North Queensland, setting up its headquarters in Townsville to better cater to the community’s needs. 

By setting up in the area, they aimed to make their services easily accessible to local government and business, fostering trust and reliability within the community. This decision reflects their commitment to supporting regional growth and their belief in the value of local companies.

From humble beginnings, their journey commenced with a modest fleet comprising an emergency response vehicle and a Cappellotto. Their primary mission? To serve the Townsville City Council by providing essential services in wastewater and drain cleaning.

Austrans found the perfect fit to lead their North Queensland growth in Steve, a Townsville local with prior experience at their Brisbane branch. His deep familiarity with both the area and the company made him an obvious choice. Austrans understands the pivotal role of a well-chosen team in maintaining its commitment to excellence, and Steve was a great choice for the North Queensland branch.

After only a few months, the locals were starting to notice. Not only did they have the visual awareness of Steve’s Austrans truck, but the company was developing a great reputation in the area. From there, it wasn’t long before they were contracted by Townsville Marine Limited to provide services at the port. 

In August 2023, they received a CCTV vehicle for pipe inspection works, and in November of the same year, Townsville acquired a Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) Truck and communications support vehicle to assist with the growing NBN requirements in the area.

Austrans initially entered Townsville to bolster local infrastructure and support the municipal government, eventually expanding their operations across North Queensland. Today, their presence extends from Rockhampton to the northern tip and even reaches into western regions.

In addition to serving the demands of local councils, Austrans collaborates with various industries including mining, sugar mills, shipping, and food processing. While they pride themselves on swift local response times, they’re also equipped to handle large-scale projects for major corporations. Leveraging resources from their hubs in South East Queensland, they deploy additional equipment for specialised tasks like ultra high pressure water blasting and handling dangerous goods.

Austrans also offers industrial cleaning, emergency-based water pump out, sludge removal, pit cleaning, sediment pumping, bitumen tank cleans, ultra high pressure water blasting of heat exchanges, cleaning of ammonium nitrate tanks, pressure washing, CCTV, sewer and drain cleaning, screen cleaning, drag line cleans, and more. 

Austrans are your local solution

Austrans established headquarters in North Queensland because they firmly believe in local engagement.They understand the importance of neighbours supporting neighbours. The evolution of Austrans in North Queensland has grown quickly, and Austrans look forward to further expansion. 

To contact Austrans in North Queensland you can email NQ[email protected].au or call Steve directly on 0483 384 405.

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