Industrial services

Hydro/vacuum excavation services

  • Non-destructive digging (NDD)

  • Potholing and trench digging

  • Other hydro-excavation services available

  • Network remediation and maintenance

  • Telecommunications service locating

Industrial, commercial, and civil cleaning services

  • High & ultra-high pressure water blasting

  • Paint, rust, gum, scum, & other surface contaminant removal

  • Commercial site cleaning; bus stops, carparks, roads, etc

  • Industrial site remediation & spill cleaning

  • Marine cleaning; boats, ramps, jetties, & more

  • Petroleum and chemical tank/tanker cleaning

  • Post-cleaning contaminant collection & removal

  • Other high-pressure water blasting services

Waste interceptor pump out services

  • Interceptor pump out and cleaning

  • Jet cleaning to ensure good function

  • Safe disposal of collected waste

  • Inspection assistance & maintenance schedule creation

  • Vacuum tanker solid & liquid contaminant removal

Cold cutting service

  • Surface preparation & abrading

  • Concrete destruction & removal

  • Tank & vessel resurfacing

  • Steel, concrete, iron, fibre-glass, and plastics capable

  • Assisting plant maintenance, repair, or removal

24/7 Emergency spill response team

  • No spill too difficult to contain

  • Fast response times; quickly mobilised

  • Safe disposal of collected contamination

  • Specialist, experienced team

  • On-going containment strategies