1. Riverstage!

Shrugging off the challenges of 2020, Riverstage hauled in an astonishing 65,792 eligible drink containers in Q1 20/21. In doing so they set a new record for Most Containers Returned in a Quarter. This bottle bounty was the result of some fantastic work between the Riverstage, Suez, and Austrans teams, and we’d like to personally thank everyone involved for such a great effort.


And following close behind in 2nd place…

2. Woolworths Limited!

Woolworths’ Brisbane Regional Distribution Centre was an early adopter of container recycling when the scheme launched in 2018, and has become one of our biggest and most consistent recycling partners. We’re really impressed to see the work Woolworths is doing to improve their carbon footprint, with two of their centres now recycling with us under the Containers for Change scheme. We can’t wait to see what else they can do!


And finally, in 3rd place…

3. John Flynn Private Hospital!

The team at John Flynn Private Hospital has done an amazing job over their last 18 months participating in the scheme. Over that time they’ve recycled hundreds of thousands of containers, saving over 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere. Q1 20/21 was no different, with the dedicated team at the hospital recycling their highest quarterly volumes yet. I’m excited to see the numbers they hit when they reach the elusive 90% return rate we’re all shooting for. Go team JFPH!

All our recycling partners will be receiving their quarterly Sustainability Reports via email later today. Don’t forget to check your inbox!


Where challenges exist, there will be people there to help us overcome them.

In the case of bottle recycling those people are Austrans.


We now assist over 150 organisations in the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas recycle their containers. It’s our belief that the future holds great challenges not just for Queensland, but the entire planet, too. To overcome those challenges taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint is critical. A simple way to do this is to have your organisation start recycling its eligible drink containers.

Did you know every aluminium can recycled saves over 10 times its weight in carbon dioxide emissions?

All our recycling partners receive quarterly Environmental Sustainability Reports detailing the impacts their recycling is having in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, and energy and water savings. It’s also a fantastically easy way to raise money for your end of year work party, or your favourite charity.

If you’re interested in recycling with us, get in touch!